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May 27, 2020

How does a company like IPG Mediabrands Malaysia adapt in just 24 hours to the immediate requirements of a lockdown, whilst still enhancing team and client working- and all with kindness, empathy and compassion. IPG Mediabrands Malaysia CEO Bala Pomaleh shares a few insights and reflections from the past few weeks with...

May 25, 2020

Our Inspire Group Asia CEO James McCulloch catches up with PTHR Chief People Officer Broch Cleminson. Broch, having recently returned to Australia from working in the UK as part of the global cultural advisory work at PTHR, had some great things to share on how we can best look after our teams, our clients and ourselves...

May 25, 2020

Aidan Stoate interviews Lisa King the Founder of Eat My Lunch about how they managed to adapt and lead their teams during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In this episode they cover how:

  • imposed change helped with innovation.
  • they inspired and lead their people by leading through example.
  • quick decision making and decisive...

May 18, 2020

In this episode Dr David Keane shares with us valuable insights on success and leadership behaviours based on his cumulative years of experience and his book The Art of Deliberate Success: The 10 Behaviours of Successful People.

He also shares his definition of success and provides some really useful and practical tips...

May 1, 2020

Assessment and Evaluation

Stu and Dan share their perspectives on learning design around assessment and evaluation. 

"It's the one and done, it's the tick-box style of learning that is a missed opportunity. We really need to move an organisation along to becoming a learning organisation as opposed to being...